MonthSeptember 2018

Restaurant Fire Prevention Checklist

It is always better to have an emergency plan to prevent the occurrence of a fire than lose your investment. The following are some guidelines which you can use for your fire safety prevention.

  1. Preventive Maintenance Procedures

  • Install a fire suppression system in the kitchen. This system can help suppress flames by automatically dispensing chemicals. Always see to it that your fire suppression system is also well maintained. The fire suppression system installed in your restaurant is required to undergo inspection as part of your security measures.
  • Have fire extinguishers in different areas of your restaurant. These portable fire fighting items can come in handy whenever a small fire starts and can still be controlled. You need a Type K extinguisher on hand near the grill or fryer to help put out cooking oil fires.
  • Always have a regular maintenance of electrical wirings and equipment. Another cause of kitchen fires is the electrical wirings and equipment. Always check with your contractor for any frayed cords or electrical wiring, cracked or broken switch and other combustible electrical materials.
  • Have your kitchen exhaust systems regularly inspected. NFPA-96 Standard calls for a regular inspection of the kitchen exhaust systems installed in commercial kitchens. This can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. It is done to prevent grease build-up which can also cause a fire in the kitchen.
  1. Proper Staff Training Procedures

  • Train your staff to be familiar and to use fire extinguishers. Conduct pieces of training and seminars on the proper use of fire extinguishers as these can be of great help when an emergency arises.
  • Always inform your staff to clean the kitchen equipment regularly.
  • Inform your staff of proper disposal of cigarettes. Tell them also not to smoke near storage areas and make sure that cigarettes are out before disposing of them in trash bins.
  • Handle chemicals properly. This goes especially to fire igniting chemicals. Always place them in well-ventilated areas and keep them away from supplies, food supplies or any source of flames.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning- your protection against restaurant fires

Owning a restaurant is both rewarding and challenging. Rewarding because you earn from your profits and you can see the smiles of your patrons after dining in your restaurant. However, it is also challenging in a sense because you have to maintain the highest form of sanitation inside your dining and kitchen area.

One of the reasons you need to have regular hood cleaning is it serves as your protection against restaurant fires. Studies conducted show that one of three fires in the United States is caused by restaurant fire. This is because restaurants have all the necessary factors for a fire to start. With its heavy cooking processes, all the deep fryers and heating equipment involved the electrical wirings and the flammable materials that can be found inside it, restaurant fire hazard is high.

Spraying foam

Top causes of restaurant fires

NFPA-96 Standard provided the list of the top contributors of a restaurant fire. Below are the top five and the reasons why.

  1. Cooking equipment

According to NFPA, from 2010-2014, approximately 61% of restaurant fires in America are caused primarily by cooking- with cooking equipment as the main cause. It makes sense that cooking equipment results in the most number of fires and property damage for restaurants since it is a constant source of heat and fuel throughout the working day.

  1. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment

Frayed electrical cords or faulty equipment are more likely to spark and cause an electrical fire inside your restaurant.

Some of the electrical hazards which can cause a restaurant fire include the following:

  • Worn electrical cords
  • Damaged extension cords
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged receptacles
  • Ungrounded outlets
  • Faulty electrical appliances

It is important to check your electrical wirings with a professional to ensure safety and compliance in building codes.

  1. Heating equipment

Deep fryers deal with hot oil and grease more than any other piece of cooking equipment. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your heating equipment are helpful to prevent misuse which can lead to a restaurant fire. It is also important to note here that your kitchen exhaust systems should also be properly cleaned to avoid clogs in your kitchen hoods.

  1. Smoking materials

Fires caused by cigarettes account for 1,000 deaths in the U.S every year. Most restaurant fires are started by embers igniting on furniture and trash cans. It can be prevented by proper staff training. Always inform your kitchen staff not to smoke on areas which have highly-flammable materials.

  1. Arson

Arson or the intentional burning of the restaurant is the last factor for a restaurant fire. With its minimal contribution in a restaurant fire, this activity is also hazardous. It is responsible for 5% of the restaurant fires and if not prevented, many innocent lives will also suffer.

In addition to knowing these, you should always have a plan to prevent a fire in your restaurant. A responsible owner creates a plan in case of emergency. Prevention is always better than losing your investment in facilities and in people.


Finding the Best Hood Cleaning Company

Rooftop cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen hoods cannot be entrusted to anyone. This is because the NFPA-96 Standard requires that only professionals which are licensed and certified can do the job. Kitchen hood cleaning can be a difficult task depending on the size of your kitchen exhaust system and complexity of the installations of your ducts, vents and hoods.

There are a lot of kitchen hood cleaning companies in the market today. Finding one can be easy, but finding the best one is the tough task. Be sure you hire the best hood cleaning company that suits your needs.

Qualities of a Good Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

  • Licensing and Insurance

A professional kitchen hood cleaning company is licensed and insured. Government authorities require mandatory licensing to be able to work. Having also adequate insurance is also a sign of a great cleaning company. They need to be properly insured so they will be protected and also your kitchen investment. Make sure to check that your kitchen hood cleaning company is licensed and insured before you hire them for work.

  • Realistic Pricing and Quotations

A professional kitchen hood cleaning operator will not give you overpriced projects. He must be knowledgeable and can be trusted enough with all the prices and quotations you need for your kitchen exhaust cleaning. Look for a contractor that gives you a detailed, reasonable and written quote. An accurate, up-front and guaranteed quote is a must.

  • Professionalism

In any field of work, professionalism is very important. A good kitchen hood cleaning operator is professional in his work. It is important to know that this person is working for you so you expect him to be a professional. They should be open, honest and approachable. A professional kitchen hood cleaning operator that is serious about the job will also be serious about looking after their clients.

  • Portfolio of Past Work and References

A good kitchen hood cleaning company creates experience over time. Ask for the past projects they have handled and check the results. You can also ask for referrals from family and friends in choosing your cleaning company since they have first-hand experience in working with them. Never compromise quality with the price. You can have the best kitchen hood cleaning company without spending too much money. Reputable kitchen hood cleaning operators who have high quality of work will offer generous warranties to their customers.

  • Experience and Reputation

Ask your hood cleaning operator for the years he had been in the industry. A vast experience is good but it should be paired with great reputation. On the other hand, choosing a newer cleaning company may also be a good option since they need to prove themselves to get good reviews from you.

  • Contract or Written Agreement

This is one of the most important parts of your kitchen hood cleaning project. A good kitchen hood cleaning company should provide a written contract or agreement. The agreement should contain all the necessary details and prices you have agreed in. It may also contain all the related cleaning works that were done in your kitchen exhaust system.