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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Ductwork Comparison before and after

Every appliance in your kitchen needs cleaning every now and then. Just like any other equipment in your kitchen, your hoods need the same cleaning and maintenance. If you are a commercial kitchen operator, you need to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned by professionals. This is in compliance with the existing standard which is NFPA-96.

NFPA-96 Standard provides the minimum fire safety standards related to the design, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of all public and private cooking operations. All commercial kitchen operators and kitchen exhaust hood cleaners must observe strict compliance with this regulation.

National Fire Protection Association Standard 96

This standard also includes the frequency of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system. As the cooking process varies in every kind of kitchen, the frequency of cleaning also differs. According to the standard, your kitchen hoods should be cleaned following this schedule:

  • Monthly- These are for systems serving solid fuel cooking operations
  • Quarterly- These are for systems serving high-volume operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, wok cooking, etc.
  • Semi-annually- These are for systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations
  • Annually- These are for systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal business or senior centers.

Steps in Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Depending on your chosen cleaning company, your kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals generally perform the following steps in the kitchen exhaust cleaning process.

Rooftop cleaning

  1. Prep kitchen

Kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals have to protect your kitchen appliances and floors from being splattered with grease before they do anything. Cleaning kitchen exhaust systems is a messy process, which is why the fire protection company you hire should take every precaution to keep the rest of your kitchen clean.

  1. Clean grease baffle filters

Once the kitchen has been prepared, kitchen hood cleaning companies remove the kitchen baffle filters and soak them in cleaning chemicals for a couple of hours. The solution loosens grease buildup before they pressure wash them to blast away hardened grease.

  1. Remove hardened grease from ductwork

A kitchen hood cleaning contractor will manually scrape grease buildup from the insides of ducts. After hardened grease has been removed, a chemical mixture will be sprayed and allowed to sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

  1. Clean exhaust fan

The kitchen exhaust fan is then so removed to be able to spray both the top and bottom of the fan with cleaning chemicals. During this time, kitchen hood cleaners should also change the fan belt before cleaning down to the bare metal through pressure washing.

  1. Pressure wash kitchen hood

The hardened grease buildup inside the hood is scraped by hand. Chemicals are then sprayed into the hood and allowed to sit until grease loosens. Hot pressure washing is used to remove the loosened grease.

  1. Pressure wash the entire system

Once the cleaning chemicals have done their job and loosened hardened grease, the contractor will blast out any remaining grease with a pressure washer. Since the contractor sprays from top to bottom, the greasy water runs down and collects in the plastic funnel.

  1. Replace filters and polish hood

Once the kitchen hood filters have been properly cleaned, they are ready to be placed back in the hood. To help your kitchen hood look professional, the contractor should wipe down the exterior of the hood with a special polish.

  1. Inspect kitchen exhaust system

During the inspection, the fire protection contractor will test the exhaust fan to ensure the system is working properly and is ready to be used.

  1. Apply certification sticker

Once your kitchen hood system passes inspection, the contractor will put a certification sticker on each hood. The sticker is required by law because it proves that the kitchen hood was cleaned on a certain date to the health department, fire inspectors and insurance agents. After issuing the certification sticker, your kitchen exhaust cleaning company will clean up so your kitchen looks better.

It is always important to hire professionals for this kind of job. First, they are professionals so they are the experts when it comes to this field. Second, they can do the job perfectly. Last, this is the requirement of NFPA-96 Standard- that your kitchen hoods are cleaned only by certified cleaning companies.


Hood Cleaning

There are numerous great needs to begin a cooking area exhaust hood cleaning service.
Are you imagining beginning a cooking area exhaust hood cleansing organization? Possibly you intend to be your very own employer, as well as manage your personal future. Possibly you prefer to take dangers as well as an obstacle on your own. Or perhaps you are trying to find economic benefits. The cooking area exhaust cleansing company is loaded with individuals from all histories, each with his/her very own inspiration for seeking this job; there is no regular person. Beginning a cooking area hood cleansing company could be fulfilling, both directly and also economically, yet you should initially buy on your own so you could begin on the appropriate foot.

There is a lot of prospective revenue for a start-up cooking area exhaust cleansing service.
By legislation, all dining establishments in the USA, as well as Canada, should have their kitchen area exhaust systems cleaned up on a routine timetable. Business kitchen area hood cleansing is needed for:

Cooking area exhaust cleansing is primarily done in the evening. The regularity of cleansing will certainly rely on the kind of food preparation that is done. A regular kitchen area exhaust cleansing takes around 3-4 hrs. With earnings margins varying from 40% -60%, beginning a cooking area exhaust hood cleansing organization could be an exceptionally profitable venture.


Beginning a kitchen area exhaust cleansing organization as a licensed cleaner will certainly provide you a one-upmanship.
Industrial kitchen area hood cleansing is federal government mandated and also applied by regional fire examiners in addition to the insurer. Oil build-up within an industrial kitchen area exhaust system needs to be gotten rid of occasionally to avoid fires. A strong understanding of the NFPA 96: REQUIREMENT FOR AIR FLOW CONTROL AND ALSO FIRE SECURITY OF COMMERCIAL FOOD PREPARATION PROCEDURES could be an effective marketing device! Your possible customers will certainly commonly require a tip-off when it is time to have their kitchen area exhaust systems cleaned up. You could aid individuals to remainder simply by allowing them to recognize that you will certainly maintain them in conformity.

Beginning a kitchen area exhaust hood cleansing organization will certainly need greater than simply cleansing abilities.
The educational program of the Hood Cleansing College is created to offer a well spherical intro to beginning an effective kitchen area exhaust cleansing service

You should discover how to preserve your cooking area hood cleansing tools to optimize its effectiveness.
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Effective kitchen area exhaust clearing up services will certainly construct a strong working partnership with neighborhood fire divisions as well as various other examiners.

Learn how to ways to shield your cooking area exhaust cleansing organization from possible responsibility by keeping exact documents.
Develop a data source take care of consumer partnerships as well as enhance the worth of your brand-new kitchen area exhaust cleansing service.
You have to learn how to handle wastewater from cooking area exhaust cleansing to remain in conformity with the Tidy Water Act & the EPA.
You have to recognize the insurance coverage needs for cooking area exhaust cleansing companies.
Beginning a cooking area exhaust hood cleaning company will certainly need a great deal of preparation as well as research. Recognizing the policies for lawful conformity is simply the primary step. Hood Cleansing Institution will certainly assist you to take the following action to obtain you on the course to success.

  • Dining establishments
  • Colleges
  • Health centers
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Residences
  • Shopping centers
  • Flight terminals

A few of your prospective customers could not recognize that they have to have their cooking area exhaust hood system cleansed.

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