As kitchen hood cleaning is also a business, kitchen hood cleaning operators bill their clients under different factors. It is best to know the numbers involved in kitchen hood cleaning so you can prepare in advance for the cleaning charges.

What are the factors to consider for Hood Cleaning Cost?

Kitchen hood cleaning cost depends on a lot of factors. Some of which are the following:

  • Multiple locations

If your restaurants have multiple locations in your area, hiring one kitchen hood cleaning company might help you save money. It is also easier to work with one cleaning company than handling multiple ones offering different rates. You might get confused with their pricing thus spending a lot on kitchen hood cleaning.

  • Size and configuration of your kitchen exhaust system

A restaurant who has two-story will be charged more than a one-story restaurant because the bigger the size of your establishment, the longer are its ducts. The size and number of hoods will also play into the pricing factor and if you have multiple exhaust systems installed.

  • Hood system condition

Your overall hood system condition is also considered when determining the right pricing. If your kitchen hoods are well-maintained over the years, the cost of cleaning will not fluctuate. However, if your kitchen hoods are in a rough shape, meaning they are not well-cleaned over the years, expect a higher price because the cleaners will have more work to do. The amount of hood maintenance you need also plays an important factor. If you are operating in a high grease restaurant, expect a more frequent kitchen hood cleaning.

  • Water availability

Water is necessary to be able to do pressure washing or steam washing in your kitchen hoods. If you are not willing to let your cleaners use your restaurant’s water, the cost of moving additional water to your located will be charged to you. Make sure that your cleaners also use a protective sheet to cover your kitchen appliances when they do the cleaning.

How much does the average hood cleaning cost?

The most typical minimum charge of a hood cleaning company is from $400 to $450. This charge includes the upblast fans, ductworks, baffle filters, and hood canopy. Additional charges may include for removing access panels, very complicated or long duct systems and any minimums to cover the cost of showing up at a location.

There are two methods by which a kitchen hood cleaning company may charge you: hourly rates and flat rates on each aspect of cleaning.

  1. Hourly Rate Hood Cleaning

This method charges you a fixed rate per hour. The average hourly cost for hood cleaning is $135 to $180 per hour, charging more for a larger staff. However, there are also additional charges on top of the hourly rates depending on other factors such as additional exhaust fans, additional cleaning filters, and many more.

  1. Flat Fee Hood Cleaning

This method has a flat rate instead of an hourly rate for each aspect of cleaning. The average flat rate cost for hood cleaning is $400 to $425. It can also increase depending on other factors.

Most kitchen hood cleaning companies offer free estimates that you can take advantage before setting any cleaning appointments. Always consider the factors above to get the best pricing when hiring your kitchen hood cleaning company.